The Crucible

Written by Arthur Miller
Director: Andrew Seeary
Venue: Valda Ward Auditorium, Damascus College, Ballarat


‘You’re either with us, or against us, there is no road between.’

Rumours can be deadly and revenge is alive and well in this year’s 2017 Damascus College production. The Crucible is a historical, modern tragedy that owes its longevity to its continuing relevance in an imperfect world. The production promises to be a fast-paced drama that will keep audiences on their toes. 

Based on the Salem witch trials, Arthur Miller’s masterpiece remains one of the most powerful and thrilling plays of our time.  The drama arrived on Broadway — in January, 1953 and became acknowledged as a classic. This timeless parable attacks the evils of mindless persecution and the terrifying power of false accusation.

So why this play, this year? One of the chief reasons is its themes – justice, fear and power. Everything is literally life and death in the show and is much more than just witchcraft.  It shows the terrible road we can go down when anyone can accuse another with faulty ‘evidence’ that can bring about their destruction. It tells the story of an organization with power wanting to control people with fear.  

Miller’s message is clear and resonates in this play. We cannot be driven by fear, as it leads to hysteria, resulting in every human being turning on their neighbours. It’s a message that resonates today within our own politics, in our own country. We are always pushed to fear the ‘other’ in our society. We need to just look at the past to see what we need to do in the present. Miller experienced it in his time, and the question is, what will you do when the hysteria of fear comes for you?

With a large student cast of over 20 performers, inventive design and an original soundtrack, we invite you to come and experience The Crucible a timely re-examining of the dangers of a culture of scapegoating.

‘A fire, a fire is burning! I hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy face. It is my face and yours’ Act 2

Performance Dates and Times:

  • Wednesday 26 July, 8pm
  • Thursday 27 July, 8pm
  • Friday 28 July, 8pm
  • Saturday 29 July, 2pm Matinee
  • Saturday 29 July, 8pm

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