Fundraising for Timor-Leste


If you would like to donate funds to Timor-Leste, please contact to make payment arrangements.

About East Timor and the Damascus College Immersion Program

East Timor is a country battered by war and destruction, having been invaded by Indonesia in 1975 and not gaining its independence until 2002. During this time, hundreds of thousands of people were displaced and terrible atrocities were committed against the Timorese people. Since 2002, the country has been rebuilding its physical infrastructure and social fabric, however there is still much work to be done and many Timorese people continue to live in poverty.

In 2011, Damascus College conducted its inaugural Immersion Program to East Timor. A small group of Year 11 students and staff visited the College’s sister school in Ainaro, Santa Maria College. During the ten day immersion visit, the group distributed $11,000AUD to various organisations in East Timor. Santa Maria College was a major beneficiary of funds for the redevelopment of sanitary facilities at the College. In  2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, Damascus ran four more  Immersion Programs, with each group raising and donating over $10,000. 

Our Immersion Program will run once again in 2016 and fundraising is now underway to collect much needed funds to distribute to Santa Maria College as well as other organisations in need. Your contribution, however big or small, will go a long way to rebuilding the lives of the East Timorese people.