Assessment Reporting

Assessment at Damascus College:

  • Identifies the learning outcomes intended and the criteria used for measuring student progress
  • Focuses on the individual, taking into account the dignity, self-worth and uniqueness of each individual 
  • Covers a wide range of learning areas and different learning styles that involve a variety of methods of assessment
  • Consists of both formative and summative tasks 

Reporting at Damascus College:

  • Enhances future student learning
  • Utilises a variety of methods
  • Takes into account the intended audiences - students, parents/guardians and teachers; and where appropriate, other educational institutions and/or employers
  • Provides information about students' progress, participation and attitude in all areas of learning and suggest ways by which further learning may take place  

Written reports are issued to parents/guardians periodically.

Plagiarism Procedure:  

Plagiarism Procedure Plagiarism Procedure (277 KB)

Late Submission Procedure:  

Late Submission Procedure Late Submission Procedure (258 KB)