My Pathways

At Damascus College, we are committed to providing quality education, in which each individual child is encouraged to maximise their potential, in all of their endeavours, by being the best they can be.  During the formative and senior years, we foster the academic, social-emotional and spiritual growth of our students with an emphasis on educating the whole child.  

The following information aims to assist parents and guide students on their pathways and subject selections.  We hope the information below will ignite conversations between parent, student and their teachers so that decisions made are in the best interest of the students' academic pathway.  

My Pathways Handbook & Video Links

Please click on the link below to take you directly to Pathways and Subject Selection Handbook which includes all application forms and pertinent information specific to that year level.  Each landing page also contains videos summarising the subject selection considerations for each year level.

Click below for Year 7 & 8 info:       Click below for Year 9 info:      
 Click below for Year 10 info: Click below for Year 11 & 12 info:      

Subject Selection Key Dates and Process

The Pathways and Subject Selection process involves a number of steps. These include:

  • Possible Futures: Careers and Pathways information -  TA groups will discuss with students goals, careers and pathway options.
- Making elective preference choices in draft form over the holidays.
- Students in Year 8-11 attending the Subject Selection Expo
- Completing the pathways and subject preference form (Year 10 into 11) and/or subject preference form (Year 8 into 9 and 9 into 10).
- Complete all Application Forms and submitted to relevant coordinators on or before Tuesday 4 August.

  • Subject preference form is due to be completed by the TA interviews scheduled in the first week of Term 3. 
- TA Interviews  
- Students will need to have their draft subject selection form cited by their parents/guardians and TA's before they are allowed to 
enter their preferences online.

  • Interviews (acceleration): Students currently in Year 9 can apply for acceleration in VET or a VCE study if they meet the criteria.  An interview will be conducted post-application and when students have entered their preferences.
  • All subject selection and preferences will be finalised 1st week of September each year.

Staff Contacts

Specific queries relating to subjects, pathways or the general Learning and Teaching program can be directed to subject teachers, as per contact list below.