Teacher Advisor (TA) Program

Within each House there are Teacher Advisor (TA) groups made up of approximately eighteen students from Years 7 to 12. These groups form the basis for Pastoral Care at the College.

The TA program provides each student with one adult contact with whom they can develop a close relationship during their time at the College and who will be an advocate for the student. The TA program is designed to:

  • Provide academic, emotional and social support to each student;
  • Enhance the school climate and make school more personal, between teachers, students and families;
  • Provide opportunities for greater communication between teachers, students and families;
  • Address discipline concerns; and
  • Maintain consistent communication between school and home.

TA groups come together every morning. In the TA group the Teacher Advisor will:

  • Build a sense of unity within the group;
  • Pray with the group;
  • Mark the roll and monitor attendance;
  • Read Morning Messages; and
  • Check diaries for any communication from home.

The TA is the liaison between the College and parents. Since the TA is responsible for keeping student records of the TA group, he/she will be called upon to report to parents on a regular basis. In addition to an introductory meeting before the school year commences, there are four formal scheduled interviews during the year when TAs are required to meet with each student and his/her parents/guardians to discuss progress and confirm the student’s goals.