The Final Hours 2023 - Walk the way of the Cross

We proudly present The Final Hours.

“The Final Hours” is a theatrical presentation of the last few hours of Jesus’ life.

As always, it will be performed at the College during Holy Week.

Sessions available:

  • Tuesday 4 April, 8pm
  • Wednesday 5, 8pm
  • Thursday 6 April, 8pm (Holy Thursday)
  • Friday 7 April, 8pm (Good Friday)

Tickets available HERE SOLD OUT

Due to limited tickets available at each performance (4 per booking), it would be much appreciated if you please book only one performance, and not mulitple performances. This will allow the maximum amount of people to experience the show.

In the event of inclement weather, performances may be canceled. As this event primarily takes place outdoors, patrons are advised to wear warm clothing and sturdy shoes. During this event, patrons will be required to navigate stairs, bush tracks and undulating terrain.

Entry by ticket only. Your kind donation to Project Compassion will be collected at the door of the auditorium.

The Final Hours - how it began

Who would have thought when a group of senior drama students at the then St. Martins in the Pines stepped up onto a small wooden platform in 1989 that they would be starting one of the college’s most memorable traditions. This year the biannual production of “The Final Hours” is back for its 17th season with a new cast and crew and a few new surprises.

This longstanding Easter tradition at Damascus began from humble beginnings with two lights and a simple raised stage in 1990. It has now grown slowly into the very complex theatrical event being produced this year.

From its humble beginnings over 30 years ago this Passion play developed by director, and designer Andrew Seeary has grown into a complex and technically challenging theatrical event. The performance which utilizes both interior and exterior locations around the Mt. Clear Campus involves over forty students in both acting and technical roles. The play tracks the final hours of Jesus of Nazareth before being put to death on the cross. The structure and script focus on the gritty realism and raw emotions of a range of characters that witness the event.

“It is one of the most recognizable and well-known stories of the world and it has been told for generations in so many forms” said Andrew who has been involved in the production continuously since its inception. “Like at Christmas time, Easter’s true origin is founded in an event, one that sometimes gets lost amid holidays and commercialism. The production has always been an attempt to reconnect with the true message of Easter.

One of the great joys of the performance has always been in seeing students from all year levels working as one in a great spirit of purpose and collaboration.

As we journey towards the 17th production, we still feel the power of this unique dramatisation. Its capacity to reflect through drama on the fundamental stories of the Christian faith still inspires and creates opportunities for reflection.