2018 College Dux - Update
Posted: 26-Jun-2019

What is our 2018 College Dux up to now?

When existing solely in an anticipative state, it is largely safe to say that the transition from secondary to tertiary education often appears an understandably surreal and distant prospect. Add to this the legal upgrade to the official status of “adult”, a physical relocation to a city that is a ten-hour drive from home, and the sudden necessity of expanding my culinary repertoire beyond the limits of pasta and porridge (though never together of course) and you have yourself a lovely recipe for what one would expect to be a thoroughly overwhelming start to university life.

However, somehow, I am very happy to say this has not been the case, as the transition to the new challenges of 2019 has, actually, miraculously felt almost entirely natural and intuitive. Though I was expecting to find the need to reassess pathways and expectations upon facing all that is new in a tertiary environment, I now feel awfully fortunate to be comfortable and confident in knowing that I have made a decision that I am excited to see through over the next five or so years.

Though I am still open to the (likely) possibility of adjusting my pathway, later on, this year I have commenced studies of a combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Sydney. Throughout Year 12, I was largely indecisive as to which course and institution seemed the best choice for me and my future career, and even now I am still uncertain as to what actual profession lies beyond my eventual graduation. However, I finally chose the University of Sydney for its breadth and quality of opportunities, its location within Australia’s most populous city, and the specific educational points of my degree. Now fully intending to take advantage of the vast range of opportunities available at such a firmly established and internationally connected university, I am sure much of what I learn and who I meet will assist me in shaping my career pathway.

It has also been exciting to hear from many of my fantastic friends from Damascus College, as they commence studies and other endeavours across Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Geelong and, of course, Ballarat. Though we are now scattered across the country, rather than all together in one classroom, I wish them all the best of luck and know many of the relationships I built at Damascus will continue to be of great importance to me into the future.

Of course, moving interstate has not happened without being sorry to leave some things behind, especially my amazing family. I miss them all, every day, but am excited to come back home to visit in semester and mid-semester breaks.

In Sydney, I have moved into the suburb of Glebe – just a hop, skip, and jump away from the university’s primary campus. Again, I feel very fortunate to say that the friends I have made at my residence and within my degree are a lovely, funny, and hard-working bunch of people, with whom I look forward to sharing the year’s experiences.

For any Damascus College students who are unsure about what lies beyond school in the process of possibly moving away from home and choosing a university and degree, I would encourage you to seek advice from past students who have experienced the decision-making process. On this note, I would be very happy to answer any questions or discuss the transition process to university with Damascus students, especially for those perhaps considering interstate study in Sydney or elsewhere. (Office administration will have my contact details.)

Best of luck to the Damascus College community for 2019, I look forward to hearing of all your successes in the future.

Sean O’Beirne (Class of 2018)
ATAR 99.90

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