Quality Education - Spencer Bedggood
Posted: 01-Aug-2018

Education in Ainaro, at Santa Maria in particular is plentiful, the boarding students have a stable living environment that allows them to attend school with classes six days a week. Ainaro also has many public schools. Preschool and primary schools also play a major role in the education of students in Timor Leste. The preschool curriculum in Timor Leste has been designed by New Zealand. This is a helpful because it takes strain off the education department of the Timorese government. The Primary school Curriculum for Timor Leste was designed by Australia. The secondary education was designed by the local education department in Timor Leste.

My experience in Timor was an overall positive one, meeting so many new people and making so many great memories. Teaching at Santa Maria in Ainaro really opened my eyes to how education can be delivered with few resources. The students were very intelligent and ready to learn. During the week of teaching we were able to learn and teach simultaneously. We had to learn to speak the local language, Tetum, and learn to teach on the fly. I am so glad I was able to go to Timor and can’t wait to return.



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