2019 Leadership Morning
Posted: 31-Oct-2018

Future Student Leaders

Last Friday the 2019 year 8-12 student leaders gathered for an induction program in preparation for the roles that they are about to undertake. Under the guidance of Trav Munro, a dynamic youth speaker, trainer and team builder, students were encouraged to identify and embrace the challenges of leadership.

Trav's expertise included Houses working together to solve problems in the most efficient and effective manner. A repeated message to all students under Trav’s guidance was to embrace school leadership as a way to develop character, skills and strength.

Students also broke off into their House Areas where team building activities continued and goals for 2019 established. In the coming weeks student leadership will gather where office bearers for 2019 will be elected.













Pictured above are members of Rice House working together to compete the ‘rolling ball’ activity. 

Article & Photo by Andy Robertson - Rice House Leader


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