2020 Timor Gathering
Posted: 24-Jun-2020

Immersion Team Meet and Greet

Damascus College welcomed Rob Gray (Ballarat Grammar) and Lucy (from Ainaro in Timor Leste) to the College to acknowledge the mid-part of the immersion journey that has been hijacked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lucy explained her upbringing in a subsistence farming community in the mountains of Timor Leste. Alongside her other education, Lucy chose to attend a pop-up school for learning English language set up by the Ballarat Teachers for Timor network and doors began to open for her. She has had two stints at gap year projects as a support person in the primary school at Ballarat Grammar. The birth of her first child Topher was in the middle of the trips and he certainly entertained the gathering.

Students also heard from Fr Armindo, the Parish Priest of Ainaro via a WhatsApp phone call and from Sr Mary Anne Dwyer, a Sister of Mercy from Ailue on a video recording, as part of the meeting. Sr Mary Anne received the proceeds of the highly successful pie drive held by the immersion team in recent times, to be spent on mercy works in Timor Leste.

The students enjoyed one year old Topher's play and learning more about Timor Leste and some possibilities for later, post Covid-19, venturing across the Timor Sea. Not Timor, but a positive experience for all concerned.

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