From the Assistant Principals
Posted: 29-May-2019

The Importance of Sleep

In my last report I made reference to the CECV 24 hour Activity Guidelines for students. One of the elements picked up in these recommendations was the amount of sleep adolescents need for optimal health. To further emphasise this, our Teacher Advisor period focused on promoting healthy sleeping patterns. One of the activities was to reflect on a Ted Talk which outlines the consequences of sleep loss. The clip can be found here

The challenge of sleep promotion is something which I would encourage you to model and support with your sons/ daughters. There is undeniable evidence that links a student’s mental and physical wellbeing with the amount of sleep they are getting.

It has been pleasing to see a healthy number of students participate in our after school sports program. Last week I had the privilege of supporting the Year 10 Girls Netball side in their game against Ballarat Grammar. Despite not winning on the scoreboard I was thrilled with the endeavour and camaraderie displayed by the girls. Their demeanour clearly reflected some of the benefits of playing a team sport. Vic Health outlines the broad benefits of playing team sports. Their research shows that team sport contributes to improved social skills, improved personal skills such as cooperation and leadership, improved sleep and a greater ability to physically relax. Damascus College offers over 70 after school sports throughout the year. I would encourage student participation in at least one of these.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and staff who were able to support at the Senior and Middle School formals. These wonderful events for our students rely on the goodwill of our Damascus community for support. Both events were well attended by students and I commend them on their excellent behaviour.

Mr Andrew Robertson - Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing

Winter Appeal

Linking With St Vincent De Paul to Assist the Homeless of Our Region

The social mission of the Church is not an optional extra to the faith but intrinsic to it. Social justice is about ushering in the Reign of God and bring about those values in all situations of need in our world. In Australia the St Vincent de Paul Society, an arm of the Catholic Church, is the largest voluntary community support organisation in the country. There are thousands of people who every day share their time, care for humanity and energy to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people all around Australia. The Society assists people experiencing poverty and inequality and works to shape a more just and compassionate society.

In discussion with local St Vincent de Paul Society, the Damascus College Justice Action Group (JAG) focus for fundraising for the 2019 Winter Appeal will be a form of swag that the society can use to support homelessness in our city.

We will be working with Backpack Beds and St Vincent de Paul to provide as many backpack beds (swags) as we can in the lead up to the end of term. Now that the weather has turned, Vinnies is inundated with the need for protection from the winter chills. Stay tuned to see how you can join in our support of the homeless in our own city.

Backpack Bed for Homeless provides emergency relief Backpack Beds to street sleeping homeless people without shelter. They work in partnership with 600+ homeless agencies across Australia to reach homeless people who do not have any other form of accommodation. The Backpack Bed is study proven to improve health, dignity, sleep, warmth, comfort and safety. Backpack Beds were also awarded the 2011 Australian Human rights award by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Visit for more information.

Mr. Tony Haintz - Assistant Principal Catholic School Culture

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