Academic Assembly
Posted: 03-Feb-2017

Recognising academic excellence throughout the 2016 school year

On Thursday 2 February 2017 we held the inaugural Academic Assembly at Damascus College, where we celebrated the academic excellence of senior students in 2016.

We recognised the following awards:

- 2016 VCE Unit 3 and 4, study score of 40 plus

Award Recipients: Chiara Angeli, Jack Gillard, Olivia Valpied, Zoe Elms, Kiera Gittins, Molly Hutchinson, Brooke Hutchinson, Grace Nichols, Kiara Dalem, Sinead O'Riley, Lily Veale, Bonita Brugger, Elise Wright, Chloe Maisey, David Pitman, Ellanor Goyne, Dana Farrow, Flynn Jamieson, Meg Jessup, Emily Mewett, Alicia Mewett.

- 90 plus ATARs in 2016 VCE

Award Recipients: David Pitman, Dana Farrow, Chiara Angeli, Chloe Maisey, Brooke Hutchinson.

- 2016 VCE Baccalaureate

Award Recipients: Chiara Angeli, Kaine Burgess, Brooke Currie, Brooke Wythe.

- 2016 Year 10/11 Excellence Award

Award Recipient: Sophie Simmonds.

- 2016 VCAL/VET Excellence Award

Award Recipients: Lauren Conroy, Bayley Foy, Camille Heerbu-Louise, Brittany Menzies.

- 2016 College Dux and Damascus Award

Award Recipient:  Brooke Hutchinson.

It was lovely to welcome back students from the Class of 2016 to celebrate their academic achievement.  We listened to guest speaker Mr Ashwin Pillai, Assistant Principal, Learning & Teaching speak of his own journey and advice for students to achieve academic excellence.

The 2016 College Dux, Brooke Hutchinson (ATAR 94.80) addressed the audience and gave students her insights in to how she achieved academic excellence.

Mrs Maria Russell and students Ellie Carroll and Jack Lorensini entertained the assembly with a beautiful rendition of 'Everyone's Waiting' by Missy Higgins.

Congratulations to all award recipients.


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