After School Sports - TERM 2
Posted: 27-Mar-2019

Sports Sign Up

Thank you to everyone who has taken on an after school sport in term 1 this year.

You will see in the image below the Term 2 sports that are on offer. Have a chat to a parent or guardian to see what nights you are free and if you can commit to the term, click on the link here to sign up. Once I have a list together, further information will be sent out to you.

Can I please remind you of your responsibilities as members of the sporting team:

• The commitment to the sport requires you to attend all weekly training sessions (if applicable) and games;
• Follow the process set up by the supervising teacher regarding the notification of availability;
• Attend all meetings called regarding the sport;
• Regularly check your email, the morning messages, sports notice board in the JSC and newsletter for notices regarding your sport;
• Participate in the sport to the best of your ability and in a sportsperson like manner;
• Wear the correct uniform at all times;
• Return all school property, undamaged, to the school as required.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Hexter via email here.


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