Australian Geography Competition
Posted: 31-Oct-2018

Humanities – Geography

Earlier this year, Year 8 students participated in the Australian Geography Competition.

The Competition is a multi-level competition and is run in every state and territory of Australia. This year we congratulate Tristan Clonan on receiving a High Distinction for the competition. Tristan’s score has put him in the top 2% of the country.

The following students all received distinctions which puts them in the top 15-20% of the country – Fraser Crumpler, Alicia Jaruga, Laura Lee, Will McGifford, Tiarna Parry and Robert Van Bergen.

There were another 11 students who received a Credit: Miranda Bunting, Shannon Craggill, Teisha Erdody, Brayden Farnsworth, Nathan Hicks, Jake Jans, Seth Mansfield-Lewis, Finn Mauriks, Sam McDonald, Ana Richardson and Rohan Thiele.

Congratulations on all those that participated.

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