Beat the Winter Blues
Posted: 09-May-2018

Stay Warm and Mentally Well this Winter

You may think that the Winter Blues isn’t a big problem. Everyone one gets moody in the winter, right? Unfortunately, it’s a much bigger problem.

Also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it happens when the days start getting shorter and we aren’t able to get outside as much. The symptoms include fatigue, depression, social withdrawal and hopelessness. We can also get grumpy with other people, which does nothing but makes things worse.

While we can’t stop winter we can help to prevent Winter Blues. Do things that make you happy like reading or listening to music. If you think you are feeling down you should talk to someone. You should stay healthy and still exercise because even in the winter you need to support your body.

While we all dislike winter and feeling down, it’s a part of life. We can’t stop it but we can help prevent and support people who have trouble with the season. Talk, be happy, just go along with life as you would in any other season. Because a change in the weather shouldn’t bring us down.

Article and Pictures prepared by:
Sienna Caldow (Yr 7)
2018 Yearbook & Wellbeing Committee Member


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