Beauty and the Beast
Posted: 05-Jun-2019

Damascus Represent at BLOC

BLOC Music Theatre presents Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, featuring our very own Damascus College students, including Year 7 students Heidi Erwin, Paris Govan, Ruby Keating, Brandon Miller, Anthony Holloway (playing the Principal role of Chip), Year 8 student Harriet Murphy, Year 9 students Jai Erwin (not pictured), Cooper Guinea, Year 10 student Payton Overall and Year 11 student Jai Hillas (not pictured).

Beauty and the Beast tells the timeless story of a cruel Prince, who has been magically transformed into a hideous Beast. The Beast must learn to love and be loved in return (before the final petal of the enchanted rose falls) to break the spell. The magic extends from the Beast to all of his servants, making them take the form of household items, including a clock, candelabra, a teapot and teacup and a wardrobe.

This family-friendly musical presents a strong message about acceptance and the ability to change. It contains many well-known songs including Be Our Guest, Gaston and Beauty and the Beast. The costumes and sets will delight young and old. A great adventure for cold and wet school holidays.

Performances commence on Saturday 29th June to Sunday 7th July. Tickets available from 

Well done to Heidi, Paris, Ruby, Brandon, Anthony, Harriet, Jai, Cooper, Jai and Payton.

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