Bindi's Battle
Posted: 25-Mar-2020

Fashion Waste Battle

Damascus College Year 10 student Bindi Phillips aspires to save the environment one piece of clothing at a time, with her passionate involvement in the City of Ballarat Youth Council’s sustainable fashion project.

Bindi began her environmental journey as a member of the City of Ballarat Youth Council some two years ago, where she would liaise with up to three other council members to work on projects affecting the community today.

Bindi was inspired in to action, when she saw the ‘War on Waste’ documentary. Since then, Bindi said the team’s focus has been on the problem of waste in the fashion industry, promoting events designed to reuse and repurpose clothing items.

Bindi said we need to be broadening our view on the types of waste impacting our community to include discarded fashion.

“We’ve found that people don’t think of clothing as waste, usually their priorities are on reducing food waste,” she said.

Bindi said the team has successfully hosted multiple events since the team’s inception, all aimed at promoting sustainable fashion in the community.

“We invited guest speakers to these events, where they spoke of their experiences, but also helped to mend and repurpose people’s clothes.”

“Last year, we did a project called the Green Wardrobe where the community brought clothes to swap for buttons, which could then be used as currency to buy other used clothing.”

These sustainable fashion events were opened to the wider community and everyone was encouraged to attend, especially young people. For those aged 12-25 and wanting to get more involved in these types of community minded projects, Bindi highly recommends applying for a position on the Youth Council.

“It’s great fun. You get to meet like-minded people, get to do amazing community events, meet Indigenous elders, attend awesome camps, and much more.”

Bindi’s favourite subject at Damascus College is Humanities and French, and she particularly loves humanities as it focusses on learning about real world affairs. This fuels her desire for a cleaner world.

“It is important we look after the environment. We only have one world and we need to preserve it.”

Damascus College is mindful of our place in the global ecological community, and we remain committed to social justice and standing in solidarity with the poor of the earth

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