Checklist Tips
Posted: 13-May-2020

Tips for Staying Organised 

As a College, we recognise that remote learning is different, and that students across year levels may be finding it difficult at times to stay organised and on track with their work.

It is fair to say that our students are not used to receiving so many instructions via email from their teachers at once, and understandably some students may find it overwhelming.

As we head into the next fortnight of class work being distributed, we thought we would share an idea that a staff member has developed to assist students who are struggling to stay on track.

1. Take some time either Sunday evening or Monday morning to create a checklist for each subject at the beginning of the fortnight

2. Hand write it or print it out

3. Display it in your workspace or have out when you’re working on the particular subject

4. Tick off the work you complete as you go – it’s a great feeling!

We hope this simple task helps our Damascus students keep on track during remote learning.

Big thanks to Sally Murphy for sharing these tips and examples of a checklist.

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