Commitment Mass 2020
Posted: 05-Feb-2020

Catholic Education Staff Gather for Mass

The communities of the Catholic education in the Ballarat region gathered on the first day of the school year, Tuesday 28th February at 9:00 am in St Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate the hopes of a new academic year. Representing the entire range of the sector, from preschool to tertiary, the congregation led by Fr Justin Driscoll, administrator of the Cathedral Parish, filled the venue beyond capacity.

As the event was held on the feast of a Doctor of the Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Fr Justin made reference to the deep spirituality that Thomas understood to be the source of truth

“Beginning our year together as partners in Catholic education, let our beginning and our Feast of St Thomas Aquinas kindle in us that Christian spirituality of truthfulness, believing as we do that humanity was made to flourish and thrive in the truth. Aquinas believed that to see things as they are, we must first be contemplative. Contemplation is that quiet, still opening of the mind to what is before it. It is that calm presence to what is not oneself, resisting the temptation to take it over, to own it or to use it.”

The concluding hymn was a clarion call to act with integrity and with humility in our shared ministry in Catholic Education.

We are called to act with justice
We are called to love tenderly
We are called to serve one another
And to walk humbly with God. 


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