CPDA 2019
Posted: 22-May-2019

Christian Professional Development Award

At Damascus College, when students reach Year 10, they are introduced to the Christian Personal Development Award (CPDA), a program which brings together the many personal development opportunities available to students, and reinforces the need to be proactive about personal development in the senior years of College life.

Students achieve this award by undertaking activities based on four categories: Action for Mercy and Justice/Community Service, Physical Pursuits, Spiritual Development and Cultural Personal Development Activities.

This week Year 10 students participated in CPDA Introductory Week where they participate in:

• Overnight Retreat at Creswick – introducing students to the works of Mercy; feeding the hungry, giving a drink to the thirsty, welcoming a stranger, visiting the sick etc. This experience leads to a reflection and imagining of better futures and turn around moments for those in need.

• Melbourne experience ‘Knowing your neighbour’ – students visit some places in Melbourne and become aware of the very different life circumstances just one hour away, reflecting on the above works of Mercy.

• Personal recreational activities & physical awareness – giving students an experience of alternative recreational pursuits that offer balance and integration in the busyness of life.

• Volunteering – giving students an experience of volunteering in an area of community service that relies on volunteer work. They contribute directly to the above works of Mercy including. Options include: Earth Care, Social Justice and Community Service and Health Industry.




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