Cybersafety Presentation
Posted: 19-Apr-2016

Susan McLean a clear leader in her field on Cyber-Safety and Cyber Bullying attended Damascus on Monday 11th April.

Susan presented two dynamic, straight hitting and engaging presentations to Year 7, 8 students and 9,10 students with up to the minute observations and patterns pertaining to cyber safety and young people.

She was able to offer pertinent examples and advice based on her extensive professional experience in the field of police work and in particular cyber bullying.

Susan successfully connected with staff and students about what our students are most likely getting up to and how to deal with it effectively and sensibly.

In the coming weeks a series of fact and information sheets will be included in the Wellbeing Bulletin section of the newsletter, targeting main issues of concern with Cyber-Safety, what to look out for and how to manage them.

Please see this week’s information sheet in the Wellbeing Bulletin below.  Please use this information as a catalyst to involve yourself in conversations with your children so as to ensure best practice with their Social media use.

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