Early Start Booklist
Posted: 24-Oct-2018

The Early Start Booklist letter, through Ballarat Books has been sent to every parents nominated email address. The purpose of this booklist is provide students with the materials and books required for the Early Start Program. The year your student is going to be in 2019, is the Booklist you should purchase.

To access the instructions, codes and passwords and the required booklist via our webite please click here.

The Ballarat Books website is www.ballaratbooks.com.au click on Booklist Orders on the left-hand side.

The students will receive a General Booklist for their other requirements later in Term 4. You are required to order the Early Start and General Booklist online only.

The delivery and distribution of these packs to the students, will take place at the College in their English classes. It is necessary for ALL students to have the requirements as listed in the Early Start Booklist in order to start their classes. ALL students must have paid for the requirements for the beginning of the Early Start Program.

For the 2019 year, students will require additional resources as part of the Learning and Teaching program. This will include not only the digital texts form Oxford and Cambridge, but also hardcopies of the Oxford texts and workbooks. As a result, all digital and physical texts will be book listed as part of the General Booklist and managed through Ballarat Books. A result of this change will mean that these items will not be levied by the school as part of the fees for next year. This however, will result in a reduction of the technology levy, which will now only cover the use of the student device, the Microsoft Surface Pro. This decreased levy change will be reflected in an increased booklist cost.

If you are having difficulties ordering online or have queries regarding the booklist, please contact Aleceia Smith on a.smith@damascus.vic.edu.au

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