EBT in Dimboola
Posted: 07-Aug-2019

Damascus on the Road to Success

The Damascus College Energy Breakthrough Team spent last Sunday in Dimboola at a demonstration event, where they all showed passion, commitment and enthusiasm and were absolutely displaying our College theme ‘Be your Best.’

The race was a 6 hour event from 10-4pm however it was a 5:30am start at Damascus College and back to the college at 8:30pm – a long day!  There were eight schools competing with multiple trikes entered and two of these were Ballarat schools.

Damascus operated four teams; Junior HPV, Middle years EEV, a Hybrid Electric and an Old Collegians team composed of 4 past team members and one of our sponsors
21 students and more than 20 family members attended.  It was a fabulous event with many milestones achieved: 


•           Student behavior - 10/10
•           Event value as a training platform for new and experienced team members - 11/10
•           Community building value for current and many new parents - 10/10
•           Track surface - 5/10 (luckily no students had false teeth..) but they coped
•           The students, parents and volunteers equally showed a great sense of community and involvement throughout the entire day - 11/10

As a demonstration event, placings were not recorded but over the six hour period of the race our teams collectively covered 654kms: (Ballarat to Adelaide).

A further breakdown:
Young Guns = 103 laps = 134kms (Junior HPV)
Thing 1 = 140 laps = 182kms (Hybrid)
Thing 2 = 145 laps = 189kms (EEV)
Back In My Day=  115 laps = 150kms (Old Collegians)

Well done to all involved - a massive achievement!


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