Elevate Parent Webinar
Posted: 22-Apr-2020

A Great Opportunity

With most schools running remotely for at least the next few weeks (and some for the entire term) we’ve been speaking to client schools around Victoria to understand how we can help. From those conversations, it's clear to us that it’s more important than ever that parents have practical strategies to help their child study independently and that they are equipped to motivate and support their child’s education.

Prof John Hattie recently published a fascinating article on the matter, which you can access here. He states that the success of student learning at home is “related less to the family structure (LGBTQIA, one two parent, adopted parents), immigrant status, or whether one or two parents are working, and more to the parents’ skills at becoming school teachers”.

To this end, we will be hosting a free webinar for Elevate client schools and their parent community on Tuesday 28th April.

Elevate’s Head of Parent Engagement, Kane, will deliver the 60-minute webinar, which will delve into practical strategies for parents on how to boost their child’s motivation, and keep them organised and engaged with their education. We'll also be offering online 1:1 support for their children, should the parents feel their child needs some extra support staying on top of their workload and building effective study habits over this time.

Event Title: How to help your child study effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic
Date: Tuesday 28th April
Time: 6pm
Sign-Up Link: https://www.elevatecoaching.info/parent-webinar-vic/
Cost: Free

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