Face Masks
Posted: 29-Jul-2020

3D Printers Put to the Test

To maximise everyone's safety on campus, and to keep us all together at school as long as possible, as a College we are encouraging and supporting students to be wearing a face mask or face covering from next Monday 27th July. In wearing a mask, we are mindful of individual student circumstances, and these will be handled on a case by case basis.

Our current regime of cleaning, social distancing and hygiene practices remain in place, with the additional precaution of facial coverings for everyone’s safety against possible transmission. All staff have been wearing face masks since yesterday.

As a College we are also making ear savers on our 3D printers, which help our students and staff with the comfort of wearing masks, as they alleviate pressure on ears and glasses fogging up. Our Textiles students and staff are also making cloth masks for students to wear at school.

On Monday mask and face covering protocols will be shared via Daily Messages on SIMON/PAM, and will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis.

Thank you to Year 11 students Kiara, Mia and Patrick for being photographed today with our Principal, Matthew Byrne.


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