First Aid - Requirement for Medical Plans
Posted: 01-Feb-2018

Requirement for Current Medical Plans

Welcome to Damascus for 2018. I hope you all have a great year and don’t find yourself requiring my services too often.

I am very keen to ensure that as we get started the staff have access to up to date medical paperwork for students with health conditions. It is a requirement that families provide updated management plans for conditions such as Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Epilepsy and any other significant health conditions each year to help staff support the health care needs of students, as well as ensuring we are meeting our obligations to the education department. Doing this at the beginning of the year is a great way to ensure that it is done and out of the way.
Simply dropping them into the administration office is the easiest way to ensure medical plans can be processed and made available to relevant staff.

If you have any questions regarding the management of health conditions and medications at school, please don’t hesitate to call 5337 2222 and I can discuss them with you.

Kind regards,

Simon from Sickbay

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