French Language Study Tour 2016
Posted: 19-Apr-2016

We are very fortunate that as a school the community, the College Board and Principal Mr Matthew Byrne support the opportunity to provide an overseas language trip every year. This year was the year of the French Language Study Tour and once again the students and staff experienced the joys of travelling in both Switzerland and France. As leader of the trip this year I would like to publicly express my gratitude to the families in Switzerland, who for the third time, warmly welcomed Damascus College students into their homes. I also acknowledge the Principal and staff at the Collège de L’Esplanade in Begnins for their hospitality and organisation of the school lessons during our stay.

These overseas trips involve many hours of planning and I thank Sr Marie Davey, Ms Stephanie Hoey and other language staff for their outstanding support before and during this trip. I congratulate all the students who travelled in Switzerland and France. The 16 students worked hard to prepare for the journey and were exemplary ambassadors for our school. Together we experienced many amazing sights and sounds and I know that the students have made great progress in their spoken French and their understanding of both Swiss and French cultures. I hope that all of them will keep in contact with their host brother or sister in Switzerland and so continue the benefits of this voyage for life.

Watch this space for more photos and comments about this wonderful experience.

Au revoir,

Madame Maureen (Min) Myers


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