House Swimming Carnival
Posted: 19-Feb-2020

Swimming Sports

What a beautiful day it was for the house swimming carnival. Students had the opportunity to play basketball, bocce and volleyball and swim in a 25m event. It wasn’t all about the 50m events, however they are a strong focal point for the day. The year 12 synchronised swimming was once again a highlight of the day and something for future year levels to look forward to. The student house leaders were also able to encourage students to participate and the house leaders supported them in this.

There were a number of records broken on the day which are listed below. I am impressed by our newest members to Damascus (year 7), both Charles Snare and Charley Ward, who not only won their age group, but broke 3 and 4 records respectively! The BAS Swimming Carnival will be held at the Aquatic Centre on Wednesday March 11. Over the next week, Mrs Hexter will be attempting to put together the Damascus team to participate in the twilight carnival. Students will be informed of selection into the team ASAP.

House Results

Congratulations to the St Martin house leaders – Dan Jans and Karen Goonan and the student leaders - Jack Davidson, Tully Heenan, Lynae Howlett and Paris Murrell.

  House Points 
1st  St Martin  1453 Points 
2nd  McAuley 1297 Points 
3rd   Rice 1104 Points 
4th   Xavier 949 Points 


Age Group Champions

Age Group     Student
U13                   Charles Snare ***
U13                   Charley Ward ****
U14                   Jonah Skewes-Clinton *
U14                   Gemma Daly **
U15                   Jai Erwin *
U15                   Tanayah Wooller
U16                   Jayden Bickley **
U16                   Olivia Daly *
U17                   Ethan Rea *
U17                   Brigid Vereker
U20                   Alexander Rofe
U20                   Georgia Dalziel

*indicates number of recoreds broken by student

Records Broken

Age Group    Student     Record
 U13  Charles Snare ***  50m Freestyle 31.03
 50m Backstroke 39.04
 50m Butterfly 36.66
 U13  Charley Ward ****  50m Freestyle 32.98
 50m Backstroke 39.82
 50m Breastroke 41.44
 50m Butterfly 36.27
 U14  Jonah Skewes-Clinton *  50m Butterfly 38.42
 U14  Gemma Daly **  50m Freestyle 31.89
 50m Breastroke 43.72
 U14  Josh Lane  50m Breastroke 47.67
 U15  Lachlan Lucas  50m Breastroke 46.50
 U15  Jai Erwin *  50m Freestyle 30.18
 U16  Jayden Bickley **  50m Backstroke 34.71
 50m Butterfly 35.06
 U16  Olivia Daly *  50m Butterfly 32.79
 U17  Ethan Rea *  50m Backstroke 40.80


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