Human Trafficking
Posted: 11-Mar-2020

Visit from Sr. Therese

Recently Year 10 students had a visit from a guest speaker named Sister Therese (Sister of Mercy).

Sister Therese is from the organisation ACRATH. ACRATH stands for Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans. She spoke to us about how we can raise awareness about Human Trafficking. She shared with us stories regarding victims and how we can give support to those affected. She illustrated how mostly women are affected, how they are tortured and blatantly beaten just to pursue a duty from superior supervisor against their will. She gave us educated advice and informed us about Fair Trade.

Fair Trade is an institutional arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. She expressed her thoughts about the variety of Human Trafficking issues. She mentioned forced marriage, the selling of human organs, forced labour, and sex trafficking. Fundamentally, she told us how she and others like her are trying to assist those in need. Overall, she was an enthusiastic spokesperson for ACRATH and did a great job at educating the year 10 students of Damascus College about the topic.

Written by Cooper Guinea

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