Junior Girls Footy Win
Posted: 01-Aug-2018

Damascus Takes Win in Last Quater

JNR Girls Football Game at St Pats

Final Scores Damascus 31 VS Loreto College 28
In windy conditions at St Pats oval, the Damascus girls skills and fitness proved too good for the young Loreto team. Playing 18 a side (DC “borrowed” 3 girls from Loreto; the girls obviously appreciated the opportunity to play under the same conditions they play under for their respective club teams). Stand out players for DC were Tahlia in the midfield and Narissa in the ruck position. It was a terrific game, with Loreto leading until half way through the 4th quarter, when DC lifted and kicked 2 brilliant goals. Coaches O’Loughlin and Henderson were both very proud of how the girls worked as a team and praised everyone for their persistence in the final stages of the match.

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