Language Department Acquired Artwork
Posted: 23-Aug-2016

Language department acquired artwork

The Languages department has the pleasure of presenting their acquired artwork of Sophie Anstis, former student of Damascus College from last year and DUX from 2015. This artwork was inspired by Sophie’s travel supplementing her Year 12 studies in the Indonesian language. It reflects her observations in the difference between two countries which are only seven hours apart in travel time.

Completed as part of her photography studies this artwork was recognised for its artistic and technical excellence by the National Gallery of Victoria in this year’s Top Arts exhibition.

We welcome students, staff and parents to look deeper into these images to celebrate the diversity of two cultures. It reminds us that although we might present our identity in different ways, our needs as human beings are grounded in similarity. This artwork has been professionally framed and will be available for viewing in Building 2 by Term 4.

Alysoun SmalleyLearning Area Leader for Languages
Anne Griffin, Teacher of VCE Studio Arts







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