Lap of the Lake
Posted: 16-Apr-2018

Students Blitz Lap of the Lake  

This year Lap of the Lake was held on March 28. The Lap of Lake is an annual event where students run around Lake Wendouree, putting points towards the Ron Matthews Shield. Year 7 and 8 students run 4km around the lake while year 9 to 12 students run the entire 6km. This year it was quite warm with everyone competing in the hot weather. Students represented their House colours extremely well and were in great spirits for the entire day. Whilst the course is always a challenge it was great to see all participants giving it their best. It was great to see the odd teacher or two getting involved with some of them even completing the entire 6km. Great effort!!! 

Damascus College participates in the Lap of the Lake every year and therefore it creates a great opportunity for students to get active and run together socially. This is one of three main sporting events where students have the opportunity to score points for their House. This year over 800 students ran the Lake and we are proud of their amazing efforts made towards their Houses. The day as a whole created a great atmosphere and a positive mindset to students. 

For students who are active and enjoy running they also have the opportunity to participate in the BAS Cross Country Season. The various events are the next level for the top, fastest runners. There are 3 events including U14, U16 and open age groups. One of the events is the next level Lap of the Lake which includes 4km for U14, 6km for U16 and Open. There is approximately 8 competitors in each age group. The second event is the Cross Country which is 3km for females and U14 males and 5km for Open and U16 boys. The third event is the Road Relay which is a relay of 4 competitors per team with each of them completing 1500m. Not only is this an event about winning and making it to the next level, it’s a fun activity for everyone to get involved. It allows the students to gain house points and give a great opportunity to represent their House in their bright colours. This year was a great day for Lap of the Lake and its super awesome to see everyone was involved. 

Article and Pictures prepared by: 

 Maya Tolliday (Yr 9), Chloe Rae and Tahlia Williams (Yr 10).

2018 Yearbook Committee Members



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