Lap of the Lake - Information for Parents
Posted: 12-Jun-2019

2019 Lap of the Lake - Information for Families

All Junior Students will be bussed to their starting point on the comer of Wendouree Parade and Forest Street. Junior Runners will start there and then will finish at spit area for rowing opposite Loreto.

All Inter and Senior Runners will be bussed and dropped at the 6km starting area opposite Loreto. From there all Inter and Senior students will do 6km and the same area. Once students have finished the 4km and 6km run/jog/walk students will then jump onto the busses and will take them back to Damascus.

Once back at school students are to head to the JSC for presentations and will be dismissed from the JSC at 3:18pm

Parents are very much welcomed to watch students  compete with the best spot to see your son / gaughter will be at the finishing line as all junior/inter/senior students will be finishing there.


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