Malle Madness
Posted: 01-May-2019

Jordan Isergin takes 1st in Mildura

Last weekend Jordan participated in the ‘Mildura Mallee Madness, Victorian Drivers Series – Round 2’.

It was held over 3 days, Friday being a practice day followed by Saturday and Sunday which consisted of 2 days of racing. Jordan finished 1st in 2wd Modified class with a field of 22 other competitors, and 2nd in 4wd Modified class with a field of 22 again.

The Modified class is the elite class of RC racing against people of all ages. It was absolutely brilliant! Extremely intense racing against fellow racers from Victoria and South Australia. Points from this event accumulate over 5 series for an overall result which will be announced in August . The winner of this series will become the Victorian Drivers Series Champion. A huge honour and accomplishment to achieve within the RC Community at this level. Although this ‘sport’ isn’t known as a mainstream sport, it requires great skill, eye and hand coordination, confidence and extreme dedication. All of which Jordan works extremely hard at achieving.

Congratulations Jordan we are all proud of you.


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