Music Rehersal Camp
Posted: 31-Oct-2018

Overnight Stay for Music Camp

Last Friday, budding musicians who are our Choir, Band and String ensemble spent some time together rehearsing and socialising as part of an overnight stay at Damascus.

The purpose of the stay was to be able to spend some intensive time rehearsing and perfecting pieces for performance in particular the preparation for a Christmas recording which will be used as part of the Christmas Art Installation going up in the Bridge Mall.

Students also made plans for what they envisioned their ensemble would be doing over the next twelve months and beyond. Being part of a music ensemble isn’t all about hard work however, and the students had a ball eating enormous amounts of pizza, staying up till the wee hours whispering in their sleeping bags and singing the whole of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN during our private Friday evening screening in the Auditorium.

I know that all the students found the experience a positive one and we encourage any student who is interested in making music with others at Damascus to become part of the ensembles in the coming year. You will be warmly welcome!!

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