Nepal Expedition
Posted: 26-Jun-2019

Aussie Action Abroad

Maya Tolliday (Year 10) writes about her upcoming adventure

On the 28th of June I am thrilled to say that I will be heading overseas, for the first time, to Nepal for 17 days. I am taking this amazing journey with a Ballarat organisation called Aussie Action Abroad, who is managed by my grandfather, Graeme Kent. Aussie Action Abroad have been travelling over to Nepal for more than 15 years, and have helped and supported many communities living over there. Massive projects have been created by teams to make a real difference as a leader of social change. Many schools, Health Education training, community centres and many more projects have been supported to help the Nepali community.

Though the trip is not long away, I still have to get myself prepared, with my other fellow travellers before heading off to the country. After many meetings, and back and forth emails, we have planned our 2 week jam packed schedule. For a couple of days, a few of us from the team are doing dance and fitness program, to encourage Nepali communities to dance! We will be not only teaching them how to dance, but also how to teach dance, train dancers and mix their cultural dancing with our ‘western’ type style. I will hopefully also be able to learn a few routines, steps of how they dance and their styles of dance. Learning the traditional dance will be amazing!

After our dance training sessions, we will be heading up to a small village, called Bhulbule. After a long 8 hour journey, our plan is to visit a school, named Shree Surya Jyoti Primary School. It has a low caste community, with about approximately 40 students attending the government school. The school is made up of several concrete block walls, with very little school supplies and resources. This school has opened their doors to us, to create this school a welcoming, warming and fun environment for children to enjoy coming to school and learning. We aim to make the school more colourful, educational and interactive for the students, encouraging more to come to school. Not only we will we be working on this project in Bhulbule, we aim to also visit some projects that have begun beforehand and check the progress and meet more community people.

This experience is going to be amazing and I am inspired to get started. I have nearly finished filling my bag with not only my belongings but also many donations and resources for the communities over in Nepal. It will be incredible to be able to support a wide range of people willing to share their skills, knowledge & abilities, with Nepali communities in a variety of settings. When I am over in Nepal, I will be experiencing different ways and conditions than over here in Australia. I will be challenged and tested but also have the time of my life and have many opportunities at my feet. Meeting the lovely and caring people will make me realise how grateful I am to live in my country but also to be able to support and contribute to this expedition and making a real difference to the Nepali communities!

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