Next Gen VCE Exhibit
Posted: 13-Feb-2019

Next Gen VCE Arts and Technology Exhibit

Friday night was the opening and awards night for the NextGen VCE Arts and Technology exhibition at The Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Damascus College was once again very well represented.

Congratulations to Studio Arts photography Class of 2018 students Emily Armeni, Taya Letcher & Anastasia Walker on their work being prestend and to Oscar Thomas’ for the inclusion of his Vis Com work.

It was wonderful to see Maison Doll included in the exhibit for his Design Technology piece.

Damascus student Ruby Hyatt was the recipient of “The City of Ballarat Arts and Culture Unicorn Lane Award” whilst Sian Clifford the winner of “The City of Ballarat Arts and Culture 2d prize”.

Well done to all invovled.





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