Notre Dame Scholarship
Posted: 13-Mar-2019

University of Notre Dame School of Medicine Scholarship

The University of Notre Dame School of Medicine in Sydney is offering students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to take part in the “University of Notre Dame School of Medicine, Sydney: Vacation Scholarship Program”.

The program is aimed at inspiring rural students and/or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students towards a career in medicine. The Scholarship will provide them with the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a medical student.

Secondary schools are invited to nominate a maximum of two suitable Year 11 or 12 students to attend a one day workshop at the School in Darlinghurst, Sydney on Friday 5th July 2019. During the day, the students will attend lectures and tutorials run by medical staff and students on topics that are integral to the medical degree. Students will have the chance to participate in a variety of activities such as suturing, plastering, resuscitation skills and medical examination, and will enjoy a tour of Notre Dame’s facilities.

Limited places are available. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship payment of up to $600 to cover transport and travel expenses for the day. They will also be awarded a certificate for their participation.

Students accepted into the Vacation Scholarship Program must be able to travel to Sydney for the annual workshop day scheduled for Friday 5th July 2019, commencing at 9.00am and ending at 4.00pm.

A parent or guardian is welcome to accompany the student on the day. Meals will be provided and the students will be under the supervision and direction of Medical School staff over the course of the day.

Damascus students have attended this event for the past few years and have said they had a fantastic day, so I highly recommend that you apply.

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please address the following selection criteria in approximately one A4 page and submit it to Ivanka Saric by 4 pm on Monday 18th March 2019.

Please discuss this with your parents before applying, as you will need to travel to Sydney if you are successful in obtaining the scholarship.

If you have any questions about this scholarship, please feel free to speak to Ivanka Saric.

Selection Criteria to be addressed:-

1. Why would you like to participate in this scholarship?

2. How are you involved in community life and activities, sport, cultural and/or social events?

3. How have you demonstrated good personal conduct and a strong interest in ethics centred on the concept of social justice?

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