Peer Mentoring
Posted: 09-May-2018

Year 10 Students lead the way with Peer Mentoring

On Wednesday May 2 our Peer Mentors concluded their final sessions with their Year 7 students.

Our Peer Mentoring program which commenced at the beginning of Term 1 saw selected Year 10 students run and lead ten separate weekly sessions with our Year 7 students after having received several training sessions.

Peer Mentoring covered an array of areas, including, just to name a few:

- Bulling;
- Cyber safety;
- Relationship building;
- Study skills;
- Support networks within the school,
- Team building exercises; and
- Leadership skills.

Our Peer Mentors were able to engage in a variety of activities whilst at the same time strengthening relationships with one another and our Year 10 faculty.

Well done Peer Mentors on all your hard work and a very successful program.


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