Principal's Update Week 5
Posted: 15-Aug-2018

In the Catholic tradition today is the feast of the Assumption of Mary, often referred to as the Feast of the Assumption of Mary or just, The Assumption. So what is the feast of the Feast of the Assumption? For Catholics, Mary holds a special place. She was Jesus’ Mother and she was called specifically by God for this role. The Feast of the Assumption marks the end of her earthly journey, with the belief that she was assumed body and soul into heaven. For us, the Feast marks an opportunity to celebrate the part that women play in our life. In Church life there are many challenges in appropriately acknowledging the contribution that women make to our tradition. The celebration of Mary provides an opportunity for us to continue to reflect on the love that existed between Christ and His mother and the hope of eternal reward that was afforded Mary exists for each of us. This feast allows us a chance to celebrate the love of family life, for those of us who have been richly blessed and for those who yearn for richer family relationships we pray especially during this feast.

We have received notification from CDC Buses that City and the Creswick bus services will be affected by industrial action tomorrow, Thursday 16th August for a 24 hour stop work. Please be advised that there will be no City, Napoleons (including Country Bus #33), Miners Rest (including Country Bus #31) and Creswick school bus services during this day. Other Country bus services will run as normal.

We appreciate that this will be an inconvenience to parents and families and that you will need to make alternative transport arrangements for getting your children to school on Thursday 16th August, 2018.

Year 11 Retreats took place on Monday and Tuesday of this week and the reports that I received was of a reflective and engaging experience for all. I thank Retreats and Liturgy Coordinator, Adrian Newman for his organisation of these different retreat experiences, all the RE teachers and other staff that supported this series of learning experiences.

Friday is our annual RE & Faith Development day for staff. Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard will be working with us as a staff team. The day is titled “What are we doing on Earth for Christ’s Sake”. Richard has worked with us in 2015 &16 and he has been well received in the past and I am sure he will support us as a staff team to unpack key elements of our Catholic Christian tradition on Friday. Friday 17th August is a student free day.

Thanks to staff members, Sue Ellen Jirik and Rod Mathews for facilitating the Mercy Seeds of Justice camp last week which was attended by 7 Year 10 students. Thanks also to Caroline Nolan and the Maths team for facilitating the Australian Maths Competition for Enriched and Maths Methods students on Thursday and Friday.

A reminder that tonight there is a meeting for all Rowing families from 6pm in the Valda Ward Auditorium.

During lesson 3 today, Year 8 students are working with House Leaders and Assistant Principal of Student Wellbeing, Jo Kennedy on staying safe online. One of the predominant areas of vulnerability and conflict that impacts on student wellbeing is their social media activity. Staff are working with students to better equip students, and families are encouraged to ask about the content of today’s session.

On Friday, Matt Snibson and Arley Milne of Year 11 accompanied by Gerard Macklin will attend the Deakin Oration at Parliament House. The oration this year is being delivered by Associate Professor Tilman Ruff AM. Dr Ruff was the founding co-chair of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which started as a grassroots movement in Melbourne and in 2017 won the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr Ruff will speak about the group’s efforts in helping to achieve the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. He will also be bringing along his copy of the Nobel Peace Prize to view. I look forward to Matt and Arley’s account of the event.

Damascus students continue to be well represented in the Royal South Street competitions over recent weeks and students are also competing in the final rounds of the Debating Association of Victoria. I wish those students taking part in these respective competitions well.

I ask that you keep the extended family of Hannah (Year 10) and Lily (Year 7) Vanderlinden in your thoughts and prayers on the passing of a loved family member. I also ask for your prayers for Seth (Year 10) and Dane (Year 8) Carter and Sam (Yr. 10) and Delana (Yr. 8 ) Wright on the passing of their much loved grandfather. From Matthew’s Gospel we draw “Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted”. We pray for the Carter, Vanderlinden and Wright families at this time.

I know our students are looking forward to a long weekend!

Until next week …


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