Project Compassion Student Leaders Day 2017
Posted: 15-Mar-2017

Project Compassion Student Leaders Day 2017

At the recent Caritas Australia student leadership day at St Patrick’s Cathedral, the members of the Justice Action Group met with students from the other mercy schools Loreto College, St Patrick’s College and Mercy College. The day included sessions filled with information on Caritas’ Project Compassion efforts in both Australia and the global community. The group learnt about their programs in countries such as Timor-Leste, Fiji, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia. The stories of some individuals in these communities were shared which gave great insight into how individual lives are impacted by every effort. Fr Ronald Timoner from the Philippines was present and able to explain in person about the successes of Caritas in his diocese.

There were many ideas put forward of how you can make a difference and contribute to Caritas’ work. At Damascus, we aim to support those in need by involving ourselves in Project Compassion via fundraising and raising awareness of the global issues targeted by the program. The money that is given to Caritas helps to provide many life necessities such as clean water, food, education and sanitation for people all around the world. 

This day was an extremely insightful experience and we encourage everyone to show their support and donate.

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