Religious Education Report
Posted: 05-Jun-2019

Marty Ryan takes us through RE at Damascus

Awakenings Unit Auditing

Recently I spent the day with Bernadette Tolan, the Secondary Education Officer for Religious Education, at the Catholic Education Office in Ballarat to work through and audit our most recently documented term one, 7-10 units. It was a productive day with Bernadette providing helpful insights for improvements.

Professional Development Opportunity

Last week myself and other RE teachers attended a professional development opportunity at the Temple Beth Israel Centre in Alma Rd St Kilda. This was a very interesting and enjoyable session led by Rabbi Mechelle from the Progressive Jewish Community of St Kilda. It was an opportunity to meet and explore, with members of the Melbourne Jewish community, how meaning is found and expressed, collectively and personally, through the aspects of religion in the Jewish religious tradition. 



VCAL and RE 

One of the big challenges at present is developing an RE curriculum for our VCAL students. Currently the VCAL teachers and students have been working on a unit titled Diversity and one of the activities they did, after engaging in understandings of the Buddhist tradition, was to make Mandalas. They are planning an excursion to the Jewish Museum and Synagogue in Melbourne later this term.

Assessment and Reporting

Currently teachers are in a busy time of the semester planning, administering, marking, assessment tasks and exams so that grades are finalized for the end of semester reports.

Year 10 Assessment Task: Community

Students in year 10 have been doing a study of the Eucharist as part of their unity called “Community.” Their assessment task was researching a Eucharistic symbol, its origins, meaning, place in the mass…., as well as having to create a visual representation of their symbol. Some students chose to create 3D images using the 3D printers!!!

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