Rice Day Assembly
Posted: 27-Mar-2018

Rice Day Assembly








Wow, all of Rice house looked great in their red clothing!

The Rice assembly began with the entire school congratulating Rice House legend Sam Rizzo who was heading off to the Commonwealth Games 2018. We all wish Sam well and know he will do us proud, no matter where he ends up in his race.

“An amazing house, everyone was so supportive and welcoming coming into the Rice house.”
Chloe Grigg (Year 7 Student).

Then we congratulated all the students who gained extremely high scores in their math studies in 2017. Some notable Rice students who received awards were Saffron Dreger and Chelsea Randich, Nicholas Kattula, Mia Lepair, Alex Randich and Wren Dreger.

To start off the entertainment we had a musical number by Liam Penn, a Year 12 student who played ‘World on Fire’ on the electric guitar. The entire school were clapping along with him, it was fantastic.

Then after that act we had a talk from Caitlyn, Parisa and Liam who talked to us about the Australia Catholic Youth Festival Held in Sydney, Australia. They stated how amazing the trip was and how much they gained from it. They said how there was 20,000 people who gathered as a collective and participated in the Final Mass. The lights, music, people were just absolutely incredible. A trip you never want to miss.

The next musical entertainment we had was Anika Grimes, a new student to the Rice family who just started this year in Year 7. She sang to Britney Spears’s song Toxic. Her voice was incredible! Without even being rehearsed, the entire Rice house stood up and gave her a giant applause.

Everyone in Rice house were supportive of each other.

“We are all family” Madeline Mansfield (Year 8 Student)

Then everyone’s favourite part of the assembly was definately seeing Mr. Robertson dressed as Hugh Jackman from 2018’s new hit film ‘The Greatest Showman’.

The Year 12s showed us a video of them throughout the years from Year 7 to Year 12. They had the entire Damascus College community laughing their heads off.

We ended off the assembly with the Rice houses reflection on the past few months of Semester 1. From the Swimming Carnival to the new Year 7s getting their badges and going on camp. It was great!!

“Best house, they win everything. I absolutely love being a part of the Rice house. And I love red!!”
Charlotte Hayward (Year 8 Student)

Then all of the TA’s in the Rice house enjoyed the delicious pizza that the house leaders provided for us.

At the end of the day we talked to the house leaders and we asked them what their experience has been like and what their favourite part of Rice house is:
“I love working with all the wonderful people and students.” Ms. Phyland (Assistant House Leader)
“I love Rice house. I eat, breathe and sleep Rice house.” Mr. Robertson (House Leader).

Article and Pictures prepared by:
Sienna Caldow, Liana Canfield (Year 7), Cooper Guinea (Year 8), Chloe Rae and Tahlia Williams (Year 10).
2018 Yearbook Committee Members

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