Science Competition
Posted: 27-Nov-2019


In July 2019, the year 11 and 12 Chemistry classes completed the National Chemistry quiz which was also open to students from Years 7-10. The quiz comprised of 30 multiple choice questions. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the following students who received certificates.

Year 9 - Disinction - Tristan Clonan

Year 10 - High Distinction - Patrick O'Beirne

Year 10 - Distinction - Mia Lepair

Year 10 - Credit - Nicholas Kattula

Year 11 - Credit - Maximillian Koelle

Year 11 - Credt - Seth Johnson


Australian Science Olympiads

Some Year 11 students were nominated to complete the Australian Science Olympiads qualifying exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Congratulations to the following certificate winners.

Biology Distinction - Maximillian Koelle

Biology Distinction - Hannah Mroczkowski

Physics Credit - Maximillian Kolle

Credit - Grace Young-Harvey






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