Science Week 2017: Australia’s Biggest Smartphone Survey
Posted: 15-Aug-2017

Australia’s Biggest Smartphone Survey

The theme of Science Week 2017 is “Future Earth”. Science fiction has often portrayed a future with a depth of dependence on technology that seems foreign to us. But in reality, the changes to society, and to our individual lives, are already underway – in ways both obvious and subtle.

One feature of Science Week is a Smartphone Survey being run by ABC Science, which takes about 10 minutes to complete. We would recommend that both students and their parents take the survey. It’s an opportunity for all generations to see how these superbly useful tools have changed our behaviour. Parents who honestly answer the questions about how our life would be without smartphones could be surprised to find that dependence on them isn’t necessarily an adolescent issue. It could start some interesting discussions at home.

The Survey can be accessed via the Science Week website: ; where you will find the graphic shown. And of course you can access it, as I did, on your smartphone. One way to find it is via ABC Online ( ).

David Neate 
Science Teacher

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