Shave for a Cure
Posted: 27-May-2020

Such a Great Cause

On Friday 15th May, they both took the plunge and shaved their head to raise awareness.

When asked what it means to raise money for this particular cause, they said:
Tyler – “Raising money for this cause means that I can potentially change people’s lives and give them access to the treatment that they deserve.”

Riley – “Every 47 minutes an Australian is diagnosed with blood cancer and sadly an Australian loses their battle every 2 hours. But with ground-breaking research and development those numbers can continue to get better and better, so I did my part in shaving the world of blood cancer.”

Well done Riley and Tyler, you are doing your bit to raise awareness for a very worthy cause.

If you want to see the video of the head shave, please log on to the Damascus College Facebook and Instagram pages.

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