Socks of the West
Posted: 24-Apr-2018

Big Hearts providing Warming Feet 

Hannah Farall (Year 10) has done something extraordinary!! She has started a website with two other local students (both from Ballarat Grammar) called ‘Socks of the West’ named after the Western Bulldogs AFL Team.

Hannah is part of the Western Bulldogs Leadership Program which is a program for 14-16 year olds that not only taught her leadership skills it also made her more aware of homelessness in the community. They meet locally every second week for two months and it is a worthwhile program. Their project ‘Socks of the West’ has been worked on for months with Hannah dedicating her time while still juggling school and other responsibilities.

The project culminated in a presentation last year where Hannah, and the team she works with, introduced their website to the Bulldogs Football Club Administrative Board. They had prepared a PowerPoint Presentation and spoke with passion about the importance of providing socks for the homeless.

Socks may seem like a small thing to do but after all wouldn’t the homeless like a nice warm coat or some new pants? This group of volunteers however looked at what the least donated item to homeless people was, discovered that it was in-fact socks and decided that this would be what they focused on and set out on providing socks to warm the feet of those in need.

For every pair of socks bought, one pair is donated to people living on the streets. By getting help from the Bulldogs AFL Team they hopefully can get people warmer for the winter.

The sock patterns are funky and vivid and with amazing deals like 1 for $10 or 3 for $25 how can you pass it up? You will soon be able to purchase them online at however in the mean time click on the link and check out the amazing website.

This young woman is amazing and a real example of one person living our 2018 College theme of “Never become tired of doing good”.




Article and Pictures prepared by:

Liana Canfield, Sienna Caldow (Yr 7), Chloe Rae and Tahlia Williams (Yr 10). 

2018 Yearbook Committee Members

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