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Posted: 12-Jun-2019

Standing tall amongst her peers

Hi, my name is Nicola and I have grown up, my whole life, in the small country town of Lexton. I went to a small primary school at Waubra, which had 45 students from Prep to Grade 6, so coming to Damascus College as a Year 7 student was a really big change. I found Damascus to be really friendly and even managed to find my way around the school.

What I like about Damascus is the fact that it has plenty of opportunities on offer and is like one big community, in that we all share and develop our own skills in the things that we like and the opportunities that are on offer. When I was in Year 9 as part of the Junior Rowing, our four teams represented and won Head of the Lake. This was such a proud moment for us all. In Year 10, I took up the responsibility of Peer Mentor for the Year 7s, as I could understand what a big difference it was coming to a much larger school and I wanted to help the Year 7s to be more comfortable in their new environment. I really enjoyed this opportunity and I still continue to be a Peer Mentor. Other opportunities I have been fortunate enough to be Vice President of the Year 11 SRC and, now, President of the SRC for 2019. I have also been nominated as House Captain for Xavier in my final Year at school, of which I am really proud. My interests at school and out of school are sports, reading, music, going to concerts, my horses and generally helping out in the community of Lexton.

Being SRC President is not only just the chance to be part of a group but also the chance to represent and put into place ideas for the whole of the Damascus Community.

I want to enjoy my senior year and create long-lasting friendships and pass Year 12, with the hope of going on to University to do a Bachelor of Education.

Nicola Robson - Year 12 Student & SRC Presdient

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