SRT Success
Posted: 27-Nov-2019

Great Showing at Maryborough

The Damascus College Sustainable Racing Team had a fantastic weekend at the EBT competition in Maryborough.

We entered 3 trikes in the event, and below is a snapshot of the weekend results:

'Thing 1' (hybrid vehicle) completed 465 laps (734.7km) Thing 1 achieved 7th in their category, 13th overall.

'Thing 2' (full electric vehicle) completed 517 laps (816.86km) Thing 2 achieved 3rd in category, 7th overall.

'Speedee Three' (HPV) completed 343 laps (541.94km) Speedee achieved 13th in category. 88th overall.

Total race distance ridden for Damascus College was 2,094 kilometres.

Huge congratulations to the students, staff and volunteers involved in the SRT program.

Each year the student group keeps getting bigger and bigger, a true testament to Alan and Rachael's passion and commitment, well done.

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