Damascus Student Makes Hairy Pledge
Posted: 09-May-2018

Doing Good for Others

Hannah Mroczkowski is sacrificing her long locks for all the right reasons. After 10 years of growing her hair out, Hannah, on May 29, will be cutting off an amazing 35cm of her hair.

With the assistance of her good friend and hairdresser, Abby McGrath, she will be donating her hair to 'Pantene Beautiful Lengths' to help with their amazing work in providing free wigs for women with cancer. Hannah hopes that the gift of a wig to these women will give them confidence and help them feel better about what they are going through as they battle cancer. “Fighting cancer is already a huge battle, being stared at because you have lost your hair shouldn’t be something these people have to face. I hope that a wig made with my hair will make a difference in their life for the better”.

In addition to cutting off her hair, Hannah is collecting money that she will donate to WWF Australia to further assist in the conservation of endangered species and the environment. Hannah hopes that people will see her efforts and that they will be inspired to donate because of it. Hannah has set her goal at raising $500 before 29 May, 2018 – McAuley Day. 

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Article and Pictures prepared by:
Chloe Rae and Ellen Billinghurst (Yr 10).
2018 Yearbook Committee Members

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